Life is full of surprises, and I love it!

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I started escorting on and off about a year ago,  and back then, I knew nothing about independence or reviews or hobbyists. I just wanted to have an agency to vet my clients and make sure I'm safe and sound, and I had no problem giving up almost 50% of my income. At that time,  it was exciting and it made my hairs tingle to be involved in something so clandestine. I had a good job and the income I made from escorting simply acted as extra lining for my wallet. I bought a mustang,  moved out of my mom's and updated my wardrobe. My self confidence shot sky high and I couldn't imagine why I hadn't discovered this lifestyle sooner.

It was only after I had linked my reviews to my account on TER that I discovered going independent was actually a better way to go.  I keep 100% of my income and I draw more GFE oriented clientele, those gentlemen who actually want to go on a date before taking business to the bedroom. As an independent escort,  I am less of a "bedroom" companion but more of a "bedroom and arm candy" companion,  meaning I am classy enough to be seen with a gentleman in public but naughty enough to make the same man lose his mind in the bedroom. 

I love what I do,  which is a surprise because I never thought it would involve going on paid dates to wine and dine refined men,  but I won't complain. I am young,  fit,  and gorgeous,  and this attributes won't last forever,  so I will capitalize on them as much as I can while I can. May the escort gods keep smiling down on me.